Facebook Ad Budget Calculator

Take out some of the guesswork for your next Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook advertising can be overwhelming, there are so many variables to take into account;

  • How do I write great copy?
  • What image should I use?
  • Am I getting good results?
  • How much should I invest?

The below calculator is designed to give you a very high-level look at what kind of results you might expect and how much you should think about spending on a campaign. It is not going to be spot on for every industry and campaign but it will give you a starting point.

Just fill in the white fields with your information and let the calculator do the rest!

If you have any questions about your next campaign, give us a call.




(the percentage of clicks through to the website that result in a sale)



*This calculator serves as a high-level guide only. Local Crowd does not accept any liability for Facebook Ad campaign spends which we have not been explicitly involved in designing and implementing. When it comes to campaigns there are a number of variables that can affect results so use this calculator as an example only and ensure you undertake due diligence before committing to any advertising spend.



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